My name is Sergei Bondarenko and this is my personal website. You can contact me at email

My projects and articles:

[Jun 2024] Arcanoid yin-yang game.
[Dec 2019] Exchange simulator.
[Dec 2019] Performance of JAX vs PyTorch.
[Dec 2019] Tutorial: Efficient gradient descent with JAX.
[Dec 2019] Tutorial: Automatic derivatives with JAX.
[Nov 2019] Math of a linear regression.
[Aug 2019] Configure PPTP VPN server on Linux.
[Aug 2019] Configure sshfs without a shell user.
[Feb 2019] Downloader of historical candles from
[Aug 2018] LSTM network in Keras.
[May 2018] L2 regularization for neural networks.
[May 2018] Initialization matters!
[Apr 2018] Artificial Neural Network from scratch.
[Apr 2018] How to setup a ZeroNet proxy.
[Apr 2018] Setup a SOCKS5 proxy server with five commands.
[Apr 2018] A Python tool for downloading videos from
[Jan 2018] A bot for Jabber written in Python.
[Nov 2017] CLI API for RackTables database.
[Oct 2017] A simple one-page site for recording different daily statistics.
[Sep 2017] Poster: the blog platform for ZeroNet.
[Aug 2017] A script for selecting random files.
[Jul 2017] A simulation proof of the chicken puzzle.
[Jul 2017] One-time encrypted file hosting.
[Jun 2017] Install Arch Linux with full disk encryption (including /boot) and UEFI.
[Feb 2017] Radio.xm: the endless stream of tracker music.
[Feb 2017] A light PHP web interface for mlmmj.
[Oct 2016] A concept of a decentralized CAPTCHA for ZeroNet.
[Jun 2016] Cryptography course.
[Aug 2015] Bot for site.
[May 2015] ASCII Tetris.